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How to become a Demon in Project Slayer

Project Slayers is a multiplayer adventure game in Roblox that is set in the world of the Demon Slayer manga series. In this game you create your character and team up with other players to fight monsters and complete quests in order to earn rewards and advance to higher levels. This guide will tell you how to become a Demon in Project Slayer.

Reach Level 15

The first requirement you need to meet to start working towards becoming a demon is reaching Level 15. This can be achieved by completing the quests you are given from certain NPCs you meet when you get teleported to the Kiribating Village after completing your training. The NPCs you need to interact with are Sarah, Somi, and Somi’s Grandpa who will each give you a quest to complete that will earn you XP.

Find Muzan

Kibutsuji Muzan

When you reach Level 15 you need to find and talk to Kibutsuji Muzan, the leader of the demons. Muzan turns humans into supernatural demons by feeding them his blood. You will only find him at nighttime and in random locations on the map.

The easiest way to encounter him is to head to the Butterfly Mansion and wait till night. If you do not find Muzan inside the mansion you need to go outside and look around the area. Once you have found him, talk to him to get a quest which you will need to complete.

Muzan Quest

There are two parts to Muzan’s quest. The first part is to collect five Blue Spider Flowers. These flowers are rare and spawn at different locations. You will be able to find two or three of them together at Kiribating Village, Butterfly Mansion, and the Final Selection area.

The second part of the quest once you have gathered the five Blue Spider Flowers is to bring Doctor Higoshima to Muzan. He is located in a small house outside of Kiribating Village. You can be taken to his location by going to Horse Guy.


  • There is a possibility that your character’s transformation into a demon fails. If this happens, you will need to do the quest all over again.
  • If you purchase a Muzan Spawn Pass for 600 Robux, you will be able to see the exact spawn location of Muzan at night.

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