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Best Soldiers in Military Tycoon

Military Tycoon (InfinityInteractive) is a fighting, military-themed shooter Roblox game which is all about having the biggest and best fortress in the war. This means earning credits, rebirthing, capturing fortresses and oil rigs, taking down other players, and more, all while defending your own country’s turf. Take a look at our Best Soldiers in Military Tycoon guide to find out who the best soldiers are to wage a war against your enemies on the server.

#1 – Medic

The Medic is the best soldier in Military Tycoon. It can be used both offensively and defensively. Medics have the ability to heal as well as defend, making them incredibly useful in fights. Medics even heal themselves. Offensively the Medic is not very good in battle but its healing factor more than makes up for it.

#2 – Ace Pilot

The Ace Pilot is a rare soldier. There is a 5% chance of it dropping from a soldier summon. This soldier gives you a +10% airplane damage per Ace Pilot equipped which can reach up to 40% when you have 4 of them equipped. The Ace Pilot is extremely powerful against players, its gun will kill a player in less than 1 magazine.

#3 – Vault Raider

Vault Raiders are a very rare soldier. There is a 5% chance of summoning it from the soldier summon. Aside from attacking and defending the Vault Soldier is extremely useful for grinding cash as they can raid cases in vaults fast. The Vault Raider does good damage, killing a player in a little over 2 magazines.

#4 – Heavy Gunner

The Heavy Gunner is one of the most common soldiers in Military Tycoon. There is a 30% drop chance from soldier summons. This soldier uses an LMG which has a high fire rate that can kill a player in under 1 magazine. The downside to this soldier is its long reload time.

#5 – Super Sniper

The Super Sniper is a very rare soldier summon with only a 5% chance of being obtained from the soldier summon. Equipped with a sniper rifle it is most effective when used as a support soldier backing you up from afar. The Super Soldier does decent damage but bad accuracy, it takes about ten hits to kill a player.

Redeem Codes to get Cash and Gems

The easiest and quickest way to obtain cash and gems to purchase soldiers in Military Tycoon is to redeem the codes that the developer publishes on their social channels, such as Twitter and Discord. Take a look at our Military Tycoon Codes to see the latest active codes in the game. It is important to remember that codes expire, so you need to use them as soon as possible.

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