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How to get Cash in Roblox Jailbreak

Roblox Jailbreak is an open-world action game with a cops-and-robbers theme. You can choose to play as either a Criminal or Police Officer and both options give you the opportunity to get cash. Listed below in this How to get Cash in Roblox Jailbreak guide are different ways you can earn money.

Rob Stores

The fastest and easiest way to get cash in Roblox Jailbreak is to rob stores. Simply find a store on the map you want to rob and interact with the cash register that is inside the shop. The cash register will spit out cash which you can then collect. The amount of money you receive will depend on the store and the number of players in the game.

Rob Banks

Robbing banks as you would expect is riskier but comes with a higher reward to make it worthwhile. If you plan on robbing a bank you should gather a team of criminals and plan your heist to increase your chances of being successful. Unless another player lets you inside the Bank you will need a keycard to access it. Do not attempt to rob a Bank alone unless there are little to no police on the server.

Complete Bounties

If you are on the police team you can always earn cash by completing bounties. Simply look for bounties on the map and complete them to earn the reward associated with them. Bounties can only be collected by police arresting criminals or prisoners. The amount of cash rewarded from a bounty will depend on the crime that was committed.

  • Assisting the Museum Robbery: $100
  • Blowing the Cargo Train vault: $200
  • Breaking the Passenger Train Glass: $200
  • Killing Police Officers: $250
  • Robbing the Bank Truck: $500
  • Robbing the Cargo Plane: $500
  • Robbing the Gas Station and Donut Shop: $500
  • Robbing the Cargo Ship: $800 (per crate)
  • Robbing the Passenger Train: $800
  • Robbing the Cargo Train: $800
  • Robbing the Power Plant: $1,000
  • Robbing the Jewelry Store: $1000
  • Robbing the Museum: $1,250
  • Robbing the Bank: $1500
  • Robbing the Casino: $1,500
  • Robbing the Tomb: $1500

Participate in Events:

Events in Roblox Jailbreak are organized and scheduled by the game developers (Badimo) and they offer a great way to earn cash quickly. They vary in frequency and duration and are usually announced on the Jailbreak Twitter account. It is therefore recommended that you follow that account to stay up-to-date on any upcoming events. Events in Jailbreak include races, tournaments, and role-playing scenarios.

Sell Vehicles

You can earn cash in Jailbreak by selling vehicles that you no longer need. In order to sell a vehicle you simply have to drive the vehicle you want to sell to the dealership. Then interact with the computer terminal inside the dealership by selecting ‘Sell Vehicle’. Once you have confirmed that you want to sell the vehicle the transaction will take place, and you will receive cash equal to 50% of the vehicle’s original purchase price.

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