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How to get Diamonds in Royal High

Royal High on Roblox is a fantasy school role-playing and dress-up game. In this game you can explore various places called realms by teleporting to them. The currency used in the game is Diamonds and they are used to buy in-game items and other interactive activities. This How to get Free Diamonds guide will tell you the different ways in which you can obtain them without spending Robux in the Diamond Galleria currency shop.

Daily Login

Log in to Royal High every day to get a daily reward. The Computer Login is located in the bedroom space and allows you to gain diamonds every 20 hours. The rewards start off from Day 1 and increase exponentially until Day 7. The rewards of Day 7 then continue daily until the streak starts over from inactivity.

  • Day 1/7: 100 Diamonds
  • Day 2/7: 200 Diamonds
  • Day 3/7: 300 Diamonds
  • Day 4/7: 500 Diamonds
  • Day 5/7: 800 Diamonds
  • Day 6/7: 1,000 Diamonds
  • Day 7/7: 1,300 Diamonds

When you reach the seventh day and continue to hold the streak you will also be given special multipliers on top of your login rewards.

  • Every 7 days = 2x bonus
  • Every 30 days = 4x bonus
  • Every 365 days = 10x bonus

Complete Daily Quests

Every day, there are several quests available in Royal High that offer diamonds as a reward upon completion. These quests can be completed every day and contribute towards your season pass rewards. They also reset daily so if you do not complete the quests on the same day, you will lose the rewards permanently.

Play Mini-Games

There are several mini-games available in Royal High that offer diamonds as a reward upon completion. Listed below are some popular mini-games.

  • Enchantix High: Learn spells and take classes
  • Ballroom Entrance: Enter the ballroom and wait for the ball to start.
  • Ballroom Lobby: Socialize with other players while waiting for the ball to start.
  • Beach House: Explore a beach house and take part in mini-games.
  • Sunset Island: Participate in fashion contests and earn diamonds.
  • Swimming Pool: Swim and relax.
  • New Campus: Explore a new campus and take part in mini-games.
  • Obstacle Course: Run through an obstacle course.
  • Maze: Navigate through a maze to find the end.
  • Classic Royale: Play classic games like Capture the Flag and Freeze Tag.
  • Trading Hub: Trade with other players.
  • Divinia Park: Explore the park and take part in mini-games.

Sell Items:

You can sell items that you don’t need or want in your inventory for diamonds. You can only sell items that are marked as ‘Tradable’. Some items, such as event items or items obtained through game passes, may not be tradable. Keep in mind that there is a limit on how many items you can sell at once.

Participate in Events:

Keep an eye out for events happening in Royal High, as many of them offer diamond rewards. Events happen all year around, especially at Christmas, Easter, and Halloween. Other events that happen randomly during the year include the Talent Show and Prom. These events offer you the opportunity to also earn unique items and XP points.


A great way to earn diamonds in Royal High is to trade rare items with other players using the game’s trading system. The game offers a variety of items that you can collect and trade, including clothing and accessories. Remember to thoroughly check the value of items before agreeing to a trade, as some items may be more valuable than others.

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