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Free Diamonds in Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X (BIG Games Pets) is a pet simulation game on Roblox where you adopt, raise, and customize your virtual pets. The game features all species of pets, from cats and dogs to dragons. Train your pets, compete in pet battles, and explore different environments to find new pets and items. Pet Simulator X also has a pet park which allows you to interact with other player’s pets and participate in events and challenges. Diamonds are one of the three currencies used in the game and this How to get Free Diamonds guide will tell you the different ways you can obtain them.

Break Crates, Safes, and Piles of Diamonds and Coins

An easy way to get free Diamonds is to break crates, safes, and piles of diamonds and coins. One of the best places to go to do this is in the center of the Glacier area on the frozen pond. Just run around and destroy everything to rack up thousands of diamonds.

Rank Rewards

Collect free diamonds by claiming your Rank Rewards from the large chest right outside the starting area shop. This can be done once every few hours, so don’t forget about it. The higher your rank the more diamonds you will be rewarded, reaching Godlike rank for example can get you around 30,000 Diamonds.

Complete Achievements

Pet Simulator X achievement screen on Roblox

A good source for getting Diamonds is to complete achievements. Each one can reward you anywhere from 250 to 20,000 Diamonds. The tasks you need to complete include things like opening eggs and breaking safes and presents. Most of the achievements you will complete naturally as you play the game. To view the achievements menu and see what you still have left to accomplish simply tap the pet icon at the bottom of your screen followed by the trophy icon.

Redeem Codes

The developers of the game publish codes which can be redeemed to claim free in-game rewards. Entering active codes is the easiest way to get Diamonds. Check out our Pet Simulator X Codes guide for a full list of working codes you can redeem.

Game Passes

If you are prepared to spend Robux you can get a substantial amount of Diamonds by purchasing Game Passes at the Exclusive Shop which will open up new areas in the game to get extra Diamonds. You can also buy Diamonds at the shop with Robux.

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