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Get Gems in Anime Adventures

Anime Adventures is a popular Roblox game where you have to summon various characters from the anime and manga genre. Characters you summon can be customized with a variety of clothing, weapons, and accessories. You can also explore worlds, and fight against numerous villains. Gems are the currency used to summon your favorite characters and the more you have, the more allies you can have, and the more enemies you can defeat. This ‘How to get Gems’ guide will tell you how you can obtain them fast.

Complete Daily Quests

The easiest way to get Gems in Anime Adventures is to log in daily and complete the daily quests. You will be rewarded Gems if you log in daily. There are Event, Daily, and Main Quests on offer, and they will reward you gems each time you complete any of them.

Infinite Mode Missions

Infinite mode in Anime Adventure are missions where you defend against endless waves of enemies, with each wave getting progressively harder. Infinity mode is only available on Hard mode. Listed below are the daily rewards you can earn from Infinity mode.

  • Wave 10: 90 Gems
  • Wave 25: 180 Gems
  • Wave 50: 330 Gems

AFK Time Machine

AFK Time Machine

The AFK Time Machine is located in the Lobby next to the ‘Play Area’. Using it is the easiest and most efficient way to get plenty of Gems. Approach the machine and press ‘E’ on your keyboard to be taken to the AFK zone. There you will be able to get Gems by simply remaining idle. The longer you stay in the AFK zone the more Gems you will get. You can leave your game running to get Gems. AFK’ing will grant the normal Player 3 Gems every 150 seconds, and the VIP player or Roblox premium owner 6 Gems every 150 seconds.

Redeem Codes

Codes are redeemable gifts that can grant you free Gems in Anime Adventures. They are randomly released by the developers on a number of social channels. GamesGuys.com publish new codes here for Anime Adventures, so be sure to check them out.

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