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Grand Piece Online Codes

Check out the latest Grand Piece Online codes that have been released for this game on Roblox.

In this popular One Piece game, you can explore worlds, develop your character and complete quests to get XP and level up. To make things easier, the developers often distribute codes for players to try. These usually include rerolls and resets. Check out our Grand Piece Online codes below to see what freebies have been released and if any are still working.

All Grand Piece Online codes

Here is the current list of active Grand Piece Online codes. Non-working codes have been moved to the expired list.

All codes are currently expired. Please come back another day to see if any new ones have been released.

If you know any Grand Piece Online codes that we have not listed, please let us know in the comments so we can add them to our list.

Expired List
Please let us know in the comments if any codes have expired or no longer work, so we can remove them from our list.

720KLIKES32XRACEREROLL – Race reroll
NewUpcomingMeta – Reroll
TsukiWon – Reroll
SUB2CORGI – Reroll
Sub2BokTheGamer – Reroll
640KLIKES23XRACEREROLL – Race reroll
V2640KLIKES23XRACEREROLL – Race reroll
bushido – Double drops
FunknovaluYT – Double drops
MistYuuTT – Double EXP

There are many more expired codes for this game, these are just the most recent ones.

How to redeem

To try out the codes, start the game and press M to bring up the in-game menu options. From the icons you now see, tap the settings cog and this will bring up the screen like the one in the screenshot below. Then simply copy and paste or type any code that you want to try in the Enter Code box and press enter on your keyboard.

Grand Piece Online Code Entry
Start your game and tap M, then tap the settings cog to get this menu.

Grand Piece Online FAQs

How to play Grand Piece Online
In this navel adventure game, you explore hidden island and hunt for hidden treasures all while defeating enemies and leveling up your character.

What are the controls in Grand Piece Online?
It can be a little difficult to know what to do in the beginning, especially if you don’t know what the controls here. Below you will find the keyboard controls:

W, A, S, D: Move in different directions
Double-tap W: Double tap and hold W to go forwards fast.
Q: For a dodge roll, looks good but does use some of your stamina up.
Left Click Mouse: Basic fight moves
E: Heavy Punch
F: Block
P: Sit on ship
SHIFT: Shift lock.
CTRL: Climb.
M: Gets the various in-game menus open.

Why aren’t these Grand Piece Online codes working?
Possibly they have already expired. Redeem codes usually only are valid for a set period of time before the no longer work. Game developers that use redeem codes in their game often publish new codes to reward their players and to help to keep a level of interest in their game. It’s not unusual for game codes to expire and no longer work, and also for new codes to be released for games.

How to Fight in Grand Piece Online (GPO)?
Left clicking will make your character do basic attacks and E on your keyboard will make a heavy punch to knock the enemy away. Look out for move cooldowns, knocking back an enemy helps you get some time for your ability to fight to come back again.

Alternatively, if your enemy is still close, you can block by pressing F. If your shield gets low, be prepared to dodge roll away, you can do this with Q on your keyboard.

How to level up in GPO?
Defeat enemies and complete quests in order to get the EXP you need to level up.

How to apply Skill Points in GPO?
After you have defeated some opponents or completed quests you may have leveled up and gained some skill points. You’ll need to distribute them on your character. To do this, bring up the game menu by pressing M, click the skill menu icon (the 4 bars) then tap the plus icon for the attributes you want to improve.

Be careful though because once you have applied your skill points, you can’t get them back and reset your character – unless you pay Robux!

How to get more Grand Piece Online Codes?
Check out the social channels of the Grand Piece Online developers to stay in touch with game developments, the community around the game and to find out about new codes. You can find them on YouTube.

We publish new codes that are released for Grand Piece Online on this page. If you miss any you should be able to find them here.

You can find more codes for different games by heading over to our Roblox Game Codes index page.

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