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How to access the Vault in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! is a role-playing game on Roblox. In this game you raise and take care of virtual pets, customize your home, and interact with other players. This guide will tell you how to access the vault.

The Vault

The vault in Adopt Me!

The vault in Adopt Me! can be found in the Pet Shop. It is large and circular with a keyhole in the middle. When you try to interact with the vault by pressing ‘E’ the message ‘Hmm… I wonder what’s behind this?’ appears on the screen.

Opening the Vault

Before the ‘???’ update you could unlock the vault by using the Founder’s Key. This key had three parts which had to be found and assembled. When the vault was opened it would reveal the secret Founder’s Crown that is now inaccessible. The Founder’s Key has now been turned into a throwing toy named Founder’s Key Throw Toy and cannot be used to open the vault.

The only way you can access the vault now is by utilizing glitches. Both ways are below.

Using the Grappling Hook

The following way also works with a Crossbow, Ice Pick or Plunger.

Step 1:
Be near the vault inside the Pet Shop.

Step 2:
Equip the Grappling Hook and continuously spam-click the vault rapidly.

Step 3:
This may take some time, but eventually it will lead you into the vault.

Using a Stroller

The following way requires a rideable pet.

Step 1:
Get close to the vault with the Stroller

Step 2:
Push the Stroller through the vault and then select the ‘Ride Pet’ button.

Step 3:
You will now find yourself inside the vault.

Although the vault is no longer accessible, you can still purchase the various toys and pets that are around it.

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