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How to Earn Money in Da Hood

Da Hood (Da Hood Entertainment) is a cops n’ robbers Roblox game where you live the life of a criminal and have police officers continuously chasing you. Money is the currency used in the game, and you will need lots of it to purchase weapons, food, and a variety of other valuable commodities. This How to Earn Money guide will tell you the different ways to get money in Da Hood.

Break into ATMs and Cash Registers

Scattered throughout the crime-ridden city of Da Hood are ATMs and cash registers which you can break into and steal the money they have inside. This is an easy way to get money, you typically get $300 – $400 by doing this each time. After a short period of time the ATM’s and cash registers regenerate more cash, so you can keep hitting the same one over and over.

Rob the Bank

Robbing the bank for cash is a little more difficult. Banks are usually a more populated area and may require having to battle some other players for it. To get money from the bank you simply have to jump behind the counter and punch the cash drawers a few times, so cash falls out.

Rob the Gas Station

Located near the Taco Shop and Tyrone’s Gun Store the Gas Station is a good place to rob. Unlike the Bank you won’t encounter too many players there. Other places that have ATMs which are usually empty are Da Furnature, Taco Shop, School, and the Barbershop.


You can earn money in Da Hood by performing jobs around the city. These jobs are simple, only take a few minutes to complete and in some cases will earn you a decent amount of cash.

Redeem Codes to get Cash

The easiest and quickest way to obtain cash is to redeem the codes that the developer publishes on their social channels, such as Twitter and Discord. Take a look at our Da Hood Codes to see the latest active codes in the game. It is important to remember that codes expire, so you need to use them as soon as possible.

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