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How to get Guns in Da Hood

Da Hood (Da Hood Entertainment) is a cops n’ robbers Roblox game where you live the life of a criminal and have police officers continuously chasing you. Da Hood represents a crime-ridden city and in order to have a good time playing in the PVP modes you will need to get your hands on the weapons that are in the game. This How to get Guns guide will tell you how to get weapons in Da Hood

Tyrone’s Gun Store

Tyrone’s Gun Store in Da Hood is a store where you can buy basic guns and ammo for them. Two of these stores exist on the map and they sell different items. The locations of the uphill and downhill Tyrone Stores are:

Location 1 – Southweast corner of the map, south from Jeff’s and South from the bank
Location 2 – East from the Burger Shop.

Listed below are the weapons and ammo you will find inside the stores.

AR (Assault Rifle)
– Price: $1000
– Ammo: AR ammo
– Ammo Price: $75 for100
– Ammo Capacity:25

– Price: $500
– Ammo: Glock ammo
– Ammo Price: $60 for 25
– Ammo Capacity: 20

– Price: $550
– Ammo: Silencer ammo
– Ammo Price: $50 for25
– Ammo Capacity: 12

– Price: $1250
– Ammo: Ammo: Shotgun ammo
– Ammo Price: $60 for 20
– Ammo Capacity: 5

– Price: $750
– Ammo: SMG ammo
– Ammo Price: $60 for 80
– Ammo Capacity: 20

– Price: $2250
– Ammo: AK47 Ammo
– Ammo Price: $80 for90
– Ammo Capacity: 30

Where to Find Weapons

Weapons can also be found at various location on the map as well as purchased at a Tyronne Gun store. These weapons are listed below:

This weapon deals a lot of DPS (damage per second). You will find it in the jewelry store , in an alleyway, and on the street corner northwest of Da Bank. It costs $1300.

Double Barrel SG
This shotgun inflicts the same damage as a regular shotgun but has a longer spread, a faster reload rate which results in a faster firing rate. You will find it near a red building and Da Casino. It costs $1300.

This long range heavy gun holds 100 rounds of ammo and KOs in 12 bodyshots. You will find the LMG at the jewelry store. It costs $3750.

The RPG is a powerful explosive weapon that fires a rocket which will kill players almost instantly within the blast radius when it explodes. You will find the RPG in the sewers. It costs $20000.

Best Weapon

The best weapon in Da Hood is the AK-47. It is the most expensive gun in the game and costs $2318 at the downhill Tyrone Gun Store. This weapon has a lot of DPS which means it doesn’t take many shots to kill. The AK-47 is favored by people with a lot of cash on them and Ro-gangsters. Alternately you may want to consider the SMG which is cheaper and excels when it comes to short-range encounters with enemies.

Redeem Codes to get Cash

The easiest and quickest way to obtain cash to purchase weapons is to redeem the codes that the developer publishes on their social channels, such as Twitter and Discord. Take a look at our Da Hood Codes to see the latest active codes in the game. It is important to remember that codes expire, so you need to use them as soon as possible.

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