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How to get Haki in Fruit Warriors

Fruit Warriors (Content Pioneers Studio) is a One Piece-themed Roblox game. Level up, complete quests, explore new areas, and collect powerful Fruits that grant your character special abilities. There are plenty of different Fruits which you can use to boost your powers and offer new skills. This How to get Haki guide will tell you how you can learn the Haki technique, a powerful fighting style that can only be learned once you meet the stat requirement and have accumulated enough Bell.

In order to learn the Haki fighting style in Fruit Warriors you need to travel to where it is taught. This means travelling from the safe zone at the starter island to the North Hill. There you will see a tall tower which you need to climb. If you have some Devil Fruit you can make the task a lot easier and quicker by flying to the top.

When you reach the top of the tower you will find the Haki Teacher. Interact with the NPC by pressing the ‘Teach Me’ button when it pops up. Providing you have 100 strength, 100 Defense stats, and 100,000 Beli he will teach you the Haki Fighting style. Haki is almost as powerful as the Black Leg fighting style which means it is definitely worthwhile putting in the effort to get it.

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