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How to get Honey Fast in Bee Swarm Simulator

In Bee Swarm Simulator on Roblox you explore a world as a bee and collect pollen to make honey. The game features a variety of quests and challenges, as well as the ability to upgrade bees and hives. Listed below in this ‘How to get Honey Fast’ guide are the different ways you can get honey quickly in the game.


Completing the various quests on offer is the most reliable way of getting honey for a decent reward. Quests are obtained by conversing with quest givers, these are the interactive NPC characters that are in the game. In total there are 13 quest givers, excluding traveling quest givers. Requirements for completing quests includes collecting various amounts of pollen from fields, goo, obtaining badges, treat tokens, defeating mobs, ability tokens, crafting items, and discovering bee types. Two good quests to pursue are the Mama Bear and Black Bear quests.


Events in Bee Swarm Simulator are special occasions which you can participate in to take advantage of the rewards they offer. They are not always available so when one does appear make sure you complete all the activities to claim the reward. The Holiday Event which features the Honey Wreath is a good event to get a lot of honey quickly.

Upgrade your Hive

Upgrading your hive can increase your honey production and storage capacity. Be sure to invest in hive upgrades as soon as you can afford them.

Golden Rake and Buffs

Another good way to get honey is to purchase the Golden Rake for 20 million honey and add buffs to it. Adding the Blue Extract and Enzymes buffs for example will increase the rate of pollen you can collect substantially. The collected pollen can then be easily turned into honey.

Join a Group

Consider joining a group as doing so can give you access to group rewards and bonuses that can increase your honey production. Only join active groups that are focused on honey production.


The easiest and quickest way to get honey is to redeem the codes the developer publishes on their social channels. However, there is a limit on the number of codes, which means this will only work for a limited time. Take a look at our Bee Swarm Simulator Codes to get the latest active codes for the game.

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