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How to get Money in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a pirate-themed adventure game on Roblox. In this experience you can explore a vast world, fight enemies, and collect various fruits that grant unique abilities. In Blox Fruits money is called ‘Beli’ and it can be earned by defeating enemies, completing quests, and selling items such as fruits and swords. This How to get Money in Blox Fruits guide will tell you how to get hold of this currency.

Complete Quests

Beli is the most important currency in Blox Fruit. Just exploring the open world and killing a few NPCs will not enable you to accrue much of this money. To get a substantial amount of Beli you will need to complete as many quests as possible. To begin with you will not earn much Beli from quests, but once you reach the fifth quest onwards you will earn upwards of 1,000 Beli each time you complete one. If you focus on completing the quests you will not be short of money.

Farm Battles

Bosses in Blox Fruit spawn based on the level you are at and not on quest completion. You can take advantage of this by leveling your character highly and grinding out any boss battle that correlates with your current rank. The higher level you get the easier you will be able to defeat the boss. Bosses respawn in the hub world every time you enter a different server. This means there is nothing preventing you from flitting between servers on a loop, defeating their bosses, accruing the rewards, and moving on.

Use a Multipler

You may want to consider spending some money and investing in a multiplier. The in-game store offers a 2x Beli multiplier to double any and all earnings you’ll make during your time in the game. This item is a one time purchase, so it can be used again in future sessions.

Redeem Codes

The developers of Blox Fruits on Roblox release codes periodically that can be easily redeemed to claim free gifts. We have a collection of the latest Blox Fruits Codes.

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