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How to get Mythic Eggs in Bee Swarm Simulator

In Bee Swarm Simulator on Roblox you take the role of a beekeeper and your goal is to build a thriving hive filled with busy bees. To progress in the game you must collect pollen, compete quests, and defend your hive against enemies. To be successful you need to grow different bees. All of which have unique stats and abilities. The rarer the bee you have, the more honey you can produce. This means you need to get Mythic Eggs.

The Best Bees

There are plenty of different types of eggs in Bee Swarm Simulator which you can hatch into bees. The best bees are the Mythic bees as they have the ability to create a lot of honey. To get this bee you will need to find Mythic Eggs which will 100% guarantee you one of the six Mythic bees when it hatches.

  • Buoyant Bee
  • Fuzzy Bee
  • Precise Bee
  • Spicy Bee
  • Tadpole Bee
  • Vector Bee

Ways to get a Mythic Egg

As you would expect, getting a Mythic Egg in Bee Swarm Simulator can be time-consuming and tricky. Listed below are the different methods which you can use to get them.

  • Catch Commando Chick 50 times.
  • Rare drop from Stump Snail, Coconut Crab, or Mondo Chick.
  • Complete the 100th, 200th, and 400th Brown Bear quests.
  • Complete the Black Bear quest lines.
  • Purchase from the Bee Bear’s Catalog for 100 Gingerbread Bears and 500 snowflakes.
  • Purchase from the Robux Shop for 1200 Robux (limited to 3 per account).
  • The Magic Mythical Pack, which costs 800 Robux.
  • From the Mythic Gift Box (found near the Mythic Meteor Shower summoner).
  • From Extreme Memory Match, Festive Planter, or by catching Meteorites (if you are lucky).

How to get Gifted Mythic Eggs

A Gifted Mythic Egg shares the same probabilities as the Mythic Egg, but the egg will always hatch that bee into its gifted variant which means it will have increased stats compared to the regular version of the Mythic bee.

  • From the Hefty Honeyday Bundle, which costs 250 Gingerbread Bears and 25,000 Snowflakes.
  • From Mondo Gift Box and Mythic Gift Box.
  • Purchase the Mondo Robo Bundle for 4,500 Robux.

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