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How to get the Berserker Armor in Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors is a Roblox game where you battle against other players in various modes. Winning battles will earn you experience and the in-game currencies. These can then be used to upgrade your character’s abilities, weapons, and armor. You can also earn additional rewards in the game modes that offer quests or missions.

How to get the Beserker Armor

One of the many items on offer that you can obtain is the Berserker Armor. You can unlock this armor through Bundles Cases, which can be purchased for 350 Aether. Like all the other armor in the game the Berserker armor is purely cosmetic. The armor itself is entirely black with eyes that glow a bright red and leave a trail behind as you walk.

What is the Berserker Armor

Guts wears the Berserker Armor in the Japanese anime series Berserk. It is a suit of highly durable body armor that bestows the wearers superhuman strength and inhuman ferocity. The Berserker Armor was originally forged at an unknown point in time by the dwarf blacksmith Hanarr. The blacksmith imbued it with an ominous od that aligns with its wearer, who is driven by violent emotions and forgets about pain and fear.

Redeem Codes for Free Aether

A quick way to get the required Aether to purchase the Berserker Armor is to redeem codes which are published randomly by the developer PlayCombatWarriors on Twitter and Discord. Take a look at our free Combat Warriors Codes which you can redeem to claim free Aether and credits immediately in-game.

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