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How to Level Up Fast in Demonfall

Demonfall on Roblox is set in a world inspired by the anime series ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’. Your goal in the game is to battle demons in order to progress through levels. Completing missions on the Slayer and Demon storylines will naturally progress your character’s abilities. Listed below in this ‘How to Level Up Fast’ guide we will tell you alternate ways you can obtain the XP you need.

Kill Demons in Caves

Killing demons is one of the most efficient ways to farm XP in Demonfall. You will commonly find demons inside caves as they like to inhabit dark areas. As demons spawn indefinitely you can remain in the area and continue killing them until you have the amount of XP desired. If your character is a Demon Slayer you will earn more XP when you complete missions that require killing demons. A good place to farm demons is Okuyia Cavern.

Kill Rui

Rui is a demon boss who you encounter in a quest from Ubuyashiki after completing Ubuyashiki’s first mission to eliminate 8 demons. Unlike other demons Rui does not spawn infinitely. However, you can manipulate the game using an alternate account. If you have an alternate Demon Slayer account that has reached the Rui mission during the Slayer Storyline other players can join this alternate account as a party to teleport into the Rui fight. Once inside the Rui fight, have the alternate Slayer account leave the server. Doing this will ensure the alternate account always has access to the Rui mission. Everyone else in the party can kill Rui for 500 XP, rinse and repeat.

Kill Zenitsu

Zenitsu is a boss in Demonfall which you can kill for lots of XP. Demon Slayers earn 300 XP for killing Zenitsu, but Demons can more than double that amount (Demons can pick up the Zenitsu mission from Muzan). Zenitsu spawns infinite times making him a good way to farm XP. However, unless you are skilled enough to take down this boss it is not the fastest method to farm XP. Zenitsu is located north-east of Okuiya Village. Follow the right path of Sakura Passage from Okuyia Village, arriving near the open field where Zenitsu spawns.

Kill Crystal Demon

Although killing Crystal Demon will earn you 1000 XP each time, it is not the fastest way to level up. Crystal Keys are required to open the door to spawn the Crystal Demon boss and the only way you can get Crystal Keys is to talk to Jako at the Slayer Corps base. You will need to have the required resources to craft Crystal Keys. Crystal Demon can be found at Okuyia Cavern. This method is not recommended for new players.

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