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How to Store Fruit in Blox Fruit

Blox Fruit on Roblox is based on the anime and manga series One Piece. This game allows you to become a pirate or marine and sail the seas exploring the world, gaining experience, and developing your characters’ abilities by finding and eating various types of fruit. This How to Store Fruit guide tells you how to easily store the blox fruits you find for later use.

Treasure Inventory Box

Blox Fruit Treasure Inventory in Roblox

Blox fruits that you find during the game cannot be stored in a regular box. You must find a Treasure Inventory box to store them. This is a unique box that allows you to store your blox fruits and Game Passes. Only one of each blox fruit can be stored and once put in the Treasure Inventory box it can no longer be dropped. The blox fruit can still be used or traded. There is no limit to how many Game Passes you can store. You can easily distinguish the difference between a regular box and a Treasure Inventory box by their appearance. The Treasure Inventory box has a brown texture with white patterns over it.

Where to Find Treasure Inventoy Boxes

There are two Treasure Inventories in Blox Fruits, and they can be found on two separate islands. When you reach Second Sea the first Treasure Inventory box will become available. You will be able to find it at the Café in the Kingdom of Rose. The Café is one of the three Safe Zones in the Kingdom of Rose. The second Treasury Inventory box can be found at Don Swan’s mansion, located at Floating Turtle, in Third Sea.

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