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How to Use Teleport in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! (Uplift Games) is a Roblox role-playing game where you adopt and take care of virtual pets. Although it can be an enjoyable experience walking your pet to different places on the map it can after a while become tiresome. There is however a feature implemented in the game that allows you to teleport directly to certain locations. Take a look at this How to Use Teleport guide to find out how it is done.

For example, if your pet is craving some food, you can teleport directly to the Farm Shop. To do this you simply click your backpack icon at the bottom of the screen followed by the ‘Food’ option from the inventory menu that appears. Then tap on the green ‘Plus’ icon and click ‘Yes’. You will then be teleported to the farm shop where you will be able to purchase more food for your pet.

To teleport to other locations you simply have to follow the same procedure. Just click your backpack at the bottom of the screen to bring up the inventory menu and select where you want to go and tap the green ‘Plus’ icon.

Teleport to the Nursery to adopt pets

Pet Wear
Teleport to the Accessory Shop to see pet wear

Teleport to the Baby Shop to see strollers

Teleport to the Vehicle Dealership to see vehicles

Teleport to the Toy Shop (tap on second part of inventory menu)

Teleport to The Gifts Display (tap on second part of inventory menu)

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