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Mega Noob Simulator FAQ

In Mega Noob Simulator (thunder1222 Productions) your goal is for your character to become the biggest noob in Roblox. Smash your way through bacon hairs to gain muscle and strength to grow in size and become thick. Buy upgrades to deal more damage to defeat Boss Bacon and his minions. This Mega Noob Simulator FAQ will tell you everything you need to know about noob evolutions, areas, and bacons.

Noob Evolutions

When you meet the indicated Strength the corresponding noob evolution will become unlocked for your character.

0 – Weak Noob
10 – Noob
1000 – Huge Noob or Rookie Muscle
5000 – Buffer Noob
10,000 – Super Noob
17,500 – Mega Noob

Areas and Bacons

Main Island
– Requires 0+ Strength (Weak Noob)
– Bacons

Little Noob Island
– Requires 25+ Strength (Noob)
– BetterBacons

Bigger Noob Island
– Requires 200+ Strength (Noob)
– BestBacons

Sky Valley
– Requires 600+ Strength (Noob)
– StrongBacons

Volcano Base (Noob)
-Requires 1,000+ Strength
– HugeBacons

The Peak
– Requires 2,000+ Strength (Huge Noob or Rookie Muscle)
– WorkoutBacons

Sky Trail
-Requires 3,500+ Strength (Huge Noob or Rookie Muscle)
– MuscleBacons

Noob Factory
-Requires 7,500+ Strength (Huge Noob or Rookie Muscle)
– JackedBacons

Wagwan Island
– Requires 17,500+ Strength (Mega Noob)
– MassiveBacons
– MuscleHead Bacon

Space Areas
You must be on Life 2. Space Bacons can attack you.

– SpaceBacons

Space Passage
– Must be on Life 3
– JetpackBacons

Space Ship
– Requires 25,000+ Strength (Mega Noob)
– DualWieldBacons (Can shoot you with laser guns)

Halloween Areas
You must have at least 5,000 Strength (Buffer Noob).

The Graveyard
– SkeleBacons

Spooky Swamp
– Must be on Life 2
– PumpkinBacons

Clown Circus
– Must be on Life 5
– GoofyBacons

Christmas Areas
You must be on Life 2.

Snow Globe
– RedElfBacons

Ice Castle
– Requires 15,000 Strength (Super Noob)
– GreenElfBacons

Winter Wonderland
– Requires 25,000 Strength (Mega Noob)
– BlueElfBacons

Pirate Areas
Pirates can also attack you, Swashbucklers attacks on sight unlike Goons.
You must have at least 100,000 Strength (Mega Noob)

Pirate Village
– Goon1

Skull Island
– Requires 250,000+ Strength (Mega Noob)
– Swashbuckler1

Skull Pass
– Requires 500,000+ Strength (Mega Noob)
– Swashbuckler2

Bacon Beard’s Dock
Requires 1,000,000+ Strength (Mega Noob)

Alternate Reality areas
You must have atleast 40,000 Strength (Mega Noob).

Main Island (A)
– JackedNoobs

Bigger Noob Island (A)
– Requires 2,500,000+ Strength (Mega Noob)
– MuscleNoobs

Volcano Base (A)
– Requires 5,000,000+ Strength (Mega Noob)
– MassiveNoobs

The Peak (A)
– Requires 10,000,000 Strength (Mega Noob)
– No Enemies.

Redeem Codes to get Strength

The easiest and quickest way to obtain Strength in Mega Noob Simulator is to redeem the codes that the developer publishes on their social channels, such as Twitter and Discord. Take a look at our Mega Noob Simulator Codes to see the latest active codes in the game. It is important to remember that codes expire, so you need to use them as soon as possible.

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