Ownership, Funding, and Advertising Policy

GamesGuys.com (Games Guys) is owned and operated by Web Media Network Limited. GamesGuys.com in it’s current form was launched in October 2022 and as well as operating the website, it also maintains a related Twitter feed, Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Games Guys is ad-funded. Advertising revenue pays for the upkeep, new content and maintenance of the website and social pages. The majority of the advertising is programmatic a may not necessarily reflect the views of Games Guys or it’s owners, Web Media Network Limited. Advertising does not determine the make-up of the content published on our website or social channels.

From time to time sponsorship opportunities or affiliate links may be displayed on our website, when this is the case, they will be clearly marked as such. Advertising and sponsorship deals however do not influence our editorial content and our editorial decisions remain independent of and advertising or sponsorship deals.

Our editorial team strives to creating interesting and useful content and adheres to our editorial and ethics policies.