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Pop It Trading Codes

Pop It Trading (club XOX) is a Roblox game where you need to trade with other players in the game for better items until you have the items that everybody wants. In order to rise to the top of the leaderboard you need to trade for items that are more valuable than yours. Below are codes you can redeem to get items.

All Pop It Trading Codes

Below are all the currently active codes for the game. Drop us a comment if we’ve missed any or if any have stopped working. Remember that all codes do eventually expire and stop working.

holasoyd0ra – Get a Cake or Dora Item at random
b4nb4n – Get a BanBan Item
itsalive! – Get a New Item at random
metacarpus – Get a Hand Item
kawa11 – Get a Kawaii Item
m3rry – Get a Christmas Item
meoooow – Get a random Pet Party Item
thursday – Get a Wednesday Addams Item
candy – Get a Candy Item
fifi – Get a Fifa Item
youspinme – Get a Flying Hat
yodome – Get a random Baby Yodo
aredsword – Get a Red Sword Item
daegg – Get an Alphabet Egg Item
halloweenie – Get a Halloween Item
callmemaybe – Get a 3AM Item
lachancla – Get a Slapping Sandals Item
popit1year – Get a Birthday Item
knockknock – Get a DOORS Item
whaaaaaa – Get a random Baby Item
pepto – Get a Pink Sauce Item
lasagna – Get a random Item
****** – Get a Rainbow Friend Item
throne – Get a Toilet Item
1337 – Get a Gaming Item
m0dn4r – Get a random Item
madregate – Get a Stranger Things Item
Juego – Get an Xbox Controller
baila – Get a Tiktok Phone Item
fotito – Get an Instagram Camera Item
pájaro – Get a Twitter Item
100k – Get a code for YouTube Item
gub – Get a Bug Item
lightemup – Get a Free Item
wth – Get a Monster Item
pineapple – Get a Pineapple Item
portal – Get a Portal Item
r41nb0w – Get a Rainbow Item
farmer – Get a Magic Seed Item
code – Get a Poppy Item
upupup – Get a Ladder Item
90sec – Get a Floppa Item
noclip – Get a Backrooms Item
trippy – Get an Illusion Item
naughtyornice – Get Code for a good or bad Tommeh Item
kitty – Get a Cat Item
popit! – Get a Free Pop It
stuffi – Get a FNAF Stuffed Animal
armor? – Get a Watermelon
sugar – Get a Lollipop
cupid – Get a Valentine’s Day Item
no – Get a Slendy Note
tako – Get a Slippy Octopus
Tony – Get a Tiger
Loot – Get a Loot Box
buff – Get a Barbell that earns you money when you lift it
2022 – Get a Sparkler
ice – Get a Gem
chance – Get a Six Sided Dice
juaniday2021 – Get a Holiday 2021 Item
sus – Get an Among Us item
quidditch – Get a Fire Extinguisher
spooky21 – Get a random Spooky Item
crystal – Get a random Crystal Item

How to redeem Pop It Trading Codes

Pop It Trading code entry screen in Roblox

Redeeming codes is easy, simply launch the game and move your character to the white square on the floor that says ‘YouTube Codes’. You will find it near the leaderboard. While standing on it, a window will appear with a text box that says ‘Code’. Input your code into that box and tap on the green ‘Go!’ button to claim your reward immediately in-game.

Why aren’t the Pop It Trading Codes working?

There is always the possibility that the code has already expired. Redeem codes are usually only are valid for a set period of time before they no longer work. Game developers that use redeem codes in their game often publish new codes to reward their players and to help to keep a level of interest in their game. So it’s not unusual for game codes to expire and no longer work, and also for new codes to be released for games.

How to get more Pop It Trading Codes?

Take a look at the channels of the Pop It Trading developers to stay in touch with game developments, the community around the game and to find out about new codes. You can find them on Twitter and Discord.

We publish new codes that are released for Pop It Trading on this page. If you miss any you should be able to find them here.

You can find more codes for different games by heading over to our Roblox Game codes index page.

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