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How to get RELL Coins in Shindo Life

Shindo Life is an action-packed role playing game on Roblox set in a ninja-themed world which you explore. The currency used in Shindo Life is RELL coins, and they are used to purchasing upgrades, weapons, clothing, and accessories for your ninja character. This How to get RELL Coins in Shindo Life guide will tell you how to obtain them.

Listed below are the different modes available for Shindo Life. You can access these game modes from the main menu.

  • My Home
  • Story
  • Arena X
  • RPG
  • Shindo-Storm
  • Conquest
  • Kendo Tournament
  • Dungeon

You will be able to earn RELL coins by competing and winning in modes such as Shindo-Storm, Arena X, Conquest, Dungeon and Arena X. The goal of these modes is to deal as much damage to the enemy as possible and come out victorious. The amount of RELL coins you receive as a reward is proportional to the amount of damage you manage to deal.

If time is not a concern you should consider playing Conquest as this mode gives the most RELL coins at the end of every game. If you are under a time restraint and need RELL coins quickly you should play Arena X as this mode has the fastest completion time and still enables you to get a decent reward for your effort.

x2 RELL Coin Gamepass

If you have Robux spare you may want to invest it in the RELL Coin Gamepass which will double the amount of coins you earn from playing the different game modes on offer. The gamepass costs 450 Robux and can be purchased from the Shindo Life store. The maximum capacity of RELL coins a player can hold is 500,000. If you have the x2 RELL Coin Gamepass the new maximum capacity becomes 1,000,000.

Where to use RELL coins

Listed below are the places in Shindo Life where you can use the RELL coins you earn.

  • RELL Coin Shop to purchase bloodlines, combat arts, accessories, and clothes
  • In Shindo Storm mode to buy new characters
  • In Shindo Storm mode to obtain Spins

RELL coins can only be used in Shindo Life. They cannot be transferred or used in any other game or platform.

We have a collection of Shindo Life Codes you can redeem to get free rewards that includes RELL coins.

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