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Twilight Daycare Codes

Catalog Avatar Creator (Nighty Studio) is a Roblox game where you take up the role of a baby, caretaker, parent, nurse, doctor, surgeon, and more to either take care of babies or become a baby in the daycare to enjoy the love and fun. The game features many toys and activities. Below are codes you can redeem to get rewards.

All Twilight Daycare Codes

Below are all the currently active codes for the game. Drop us a comment if we’ve missed any or if any have stopped working. Remember that all codes do eventually expire and stop working.

Hooray50k – Get a Gamefan Hand
SWO00076036DF – Get a Swimmer Baby
SWO00075B065E – Get a Swimmer Baby
SWO00075708C7 – Get a Swimmer Baby
SWO00073FE28A – Get a Swimmer Baby
SWO000738621A – Get a Swimmer Baby
CRO0007D8E038 – Get a Cry Baby
CRO0007D6C25C – Get a Cry Baby
CRO000761A1C8 – Get a Cry Baby
CRO00074623BE – Get a Cry Baby
CRO00073901BA – Get a Cry Baby
GAO000AA32543 – Get a Gamer Baby
GAO000A51FAB3 – Get a Gamer Baby
GAO0009B2C087 – Get a Gamer Baby
GAO00095437DD – Get a Gamer Baby
GAO0009088EE4 – Get a Gamer Baby
LIO000933814E – Get Lil’ Richard
LIO00089CA5E9 – Get Lil’ Richard
LIO00088095E7 – Get Lil’ Richard
LIO00087B0E5B – Get Lil’ Richard
LIO00086CE2F3 – Get Lil’ Richard
OGO0006D408C3 – Get OG Baby Pack
OGO00068C8CF3 – Get OG Baby Pack
OGO000655957D – Get OG Baby Pack
OGO0005A511F5 – Get OG Baby Pack
OGO0005A2B562 – Get OG Baby Pack
VBO000B7F0DD5 – Get TD Value Box
VBO000AF49302 – Get TD Value Box
VBO000A9CF438 – Get TD Value Box
VBO000A209A2A – Get TD Value Box
VBO00005ECB4D – Get TD Value Box
TUK0007FC4FAD – Get OG Baby Pack
TUK0007E01AC6 – Get OG Baby Pack
TUK000766E571 – Get OG Baby Pack
TUK00070E4F01 – Get OG Baby Pack
TUK0006E12043 – Get OG Baby Pack
UNO00086B0B64 – Get a Unicorn Baby
UNO0008524858 – Get a Unicorn Baby
UNO00082CC8A2 – Get a Unicorn Baby
UNO00081E9879 – Get a Unicorn Baby
UNO000816FDBE – Get a Unicorn Baby
MEO0006067B5A – Get a Deluxe Mermaid
MEO0006064B30 – Get a Deluxe Mermaid
MEO0005F642FA – Get a Deluxe Mermaid
MEO0005B7D6BC – Get a Deluxe Mermaid
MEO00057D4135 – Get a Deluxe Mermaid
SMO000C299407 – Get a Smarty Baby
SMO000C257DBD – Get a Smarty Baby
SMO000BCBC808 – Get a Smarty Baby
SMO000B955D7A – Get a Smarty Baby
SMO000AB7C65E – Get a Smarty Baby
FAO00093B6C8E – Get a Fast Baby
FAO00088668B3 – Get a Fast Baby
FAO00085F2EED – Get a Fast Baby
FAO000852EC96 – Get a Fast Baby
HUO0007BF083E – Get a Hungry Baby
HUO0007A2E6A6 – Get a Hungry Baby
HUO0007747B62 – Get a Hungry Baby
HUO00076C03AE – Get a Hungry Baby
HUO00074212AD – Get a Hungry Baby
RAO0009730082 – Get a Racer Baby
RAO000970CA63 – Get a Racer Baby
RAO0008F1BC52 – Get a Racer Baby
RAO0008E23BEC – Get a Racer Baby
RAO00085A2BFF – Get a Racer Baby
AIO00090A42B0 – Get a Fairy Baby
AIO0008CB601C – Get a Fairy Baby
AIO00081DD4A8 – Get a Fairy Baby
AIO0007EDD736 – Get a Fairy Baby
AIO0007525BF0 – Get a Fairy Baby
BAO0009F0DCFA – Get a Banana Baby
BAO000915DE4D – Get a Banana Baby
BAO0008B36EE1 – Get a Banana Baby
BAO000876A48B – Get a Banana Baby
BAO000874BBC1 – Get a Banana Baby
ADO0009E8CE28 – Get a Tool
ADO0008D4EE9C – Get a Tool
ADO0008848BE7 – Get a Tool
ADO000834956C – Get a Tool
ADO0008146A64 – Get a Tool
ASO0009AFC921 – Get a Fashionista Baby
ASO0009AF6936 – Get a Fashionista Baby
ASO0009A1F04A – Get a Fashionista Baby
ASO0008FCFACD – Get a Fashionista Baby
ASO0008F6369B – Get a Fashionista Baby
AKO000A0B2229 – Get a Baker Baby
AKO0009C6F6B8 – Get a Baker Baby
AKO00099AA0CC – Get a Baker Baby
AKO000927CEC0 – Get a Baker Baby
AKO0008F348DB – Get a Baker Baby
AKO0008E8FFA2 – Get a Baker Baby
BUO00088ED9CA – Get a Butterfly Baby
BUO0008600CE6 – Get a Butterfly Baby
BUO0008014DE4 – Get a Butterfly Baby
BUO0007E14177 – Get a Butterfly Baby
BUO0007DD1755 – Get a Butterfly Baby
WOO0008BA2A4E – Get a Workout Baby
WOO0008660694 – Get a Workout Baby
WOO000820490E – Get a Workout Baby
WOO0007E96D32 – Get a Workout Baby
WOO0007B3ADC2 – Get a Workout Baby
BEO000B7119C7 – Get a Beauty Baby
BEO000B68D49A – Get a Beauty Baby
BEO000ADC9107 – Get a Beauty Baby
BEO000ACDE937 – Get a Beauty Baby
BEO000A8228E0 – Get a Beauty Baby
ROO000B82E73B – Get a Rose Gold Cat Baby
ROO000B68C4AB – Get a Rose Gold Cat Baby
ROO000B319A65 – Get a Rose Gold Cat Baby
ROO000B2EA5D2 – Get a Rose Gold Cat Baby
ROO000AF969F6 – Get a Rose Gold Cat Baby

How to redeem Twilight Daycare Codes

Twilight Daycare code entry screen in Roblox

Redeeming codes is easy, simply launch the game and tap on the ‘Event’ button on the left side of the screen (candy icon). This will bring up the ‘Special Costume Shop’ box where you will be able to input your code into the ‘ENTER CODE:’ text area. Now press the green tick button to claim your reward immediately in-game.

Why aren’t the Twilight Daycare Codes working?

There is always the possibility that the code has already expired. Redeem codes are usually only are valid for a set period of time before they no longer work. Game developers that use redeem codes in their game often publish new codes to reward their players and to help to keep a level of interest in their game. So it’s not unusual for game codes to expire and no longer work, and also for new codes to be released for games.

How to get more Twilight Daycare Codes?

Take a look at the channels of the Twilight Daycare developers to stay in touch with game developments, the community around the game and to find out about new codes. You can find them on Twitter, Discord, and YouTube.

We publish new codes that are released for Twilight Daycare on this page. If you miss any you should be able to find them here.

You can find more codes for different games by heading over to our Roblox Game codes index page.

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