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Unlock Free Avatar Items in Moto Island Official Valentino Rossi Experience

Moto Island Official Valentino Rossi Experience (Dubit Games) is the official Roblox game of the Italian motorcycle racer. The game revolves around unlocking bikes, exploring tracks, performing stunts, and competing in competitions. It also offers you the opportunity to unlock free avatar items.

Find out how you can unlock free avatar items (nine-time MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi’s limited edition VR|46 racing attire) and add them to your wardrobe. Listed below are the exclusive items you can unlock in the game and their requirement.

Unlock VR|46 Turtle Helmet – Collect 100 Cogs

Cogs are the in-game currency, and they can be found all around the map. Cogs respawn quickly after you pick them up, so collecting 100 of them will only take you a few minutes.

Unlock VR|46 Turtle Racing Leathers – Complete all the Races

There are six races in total that must be completed. In order to find the locations of the races you will need to explore the map which will be covered in question marks. For each question mark, there is a possibility it will showcase a race or stunt jump.

Moto Island Official Valentino Rossi Experience Map

When you find a race you can start it by entering its glowing ring. The race will count toward being completed when you finish all of its laps and cross the finish line. Each time you complete a race, its question mark will be removed from the map, making it easier for you to find ones you still need to do. Once the sixth race has been completed the VR|46 Turtle Racing Leathers will automatically become unlocked.

Unlock VR|46 Turtle Companion – Complete every Stunt Jump

In total there are 20 stunt jumps that need to be collected to unlock the VR|46 Turtle Companion. Like the races, you must find the stunt jumps on the map. When you find a stunt jump you can complete it by riding your bike off its ramp. Once you have completed all 20 jumps the avatar item will automatically become unlocked.

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