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Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Weapon Fighting Simulator is a Roblox simulator game where you fight against enemies with martial arts, weapons, and spells in order to become the strongest fighter of all times. Below are some codes which will grant you an array of boosts when you redeem them.

All Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Below are all the currently active codes for the game. Drop us a comment if we’ve missed any or if any have stopped working. Remember that all codes do eventually expire and stop working.

map31 – Free Boosts
oneyear – Free Boosts
gear – Free Boosts
map30 – Get 20 Minutes of x1.5 DMG and x2 Qi
xmas – Free Boosts
map29 – Free Boosts
sonic – Free Boosts
clever – Free Boosts
serverboss2 – Free Boosts
map27 – Free Boosts
serverboss – Free Boosts
map26 – Free Boosts
candy3 – Free Boosts
candy2 – Free Boosts
halloween – Free Boosts
jack – Free Boosts
candy – Free Boosts
map25 – Free Boosts
newpet – Get a New Pet Egg
like350 – Free Boosts
map24 – Get 30 Minutes All Boosts
town – Get 1 Hour All Boosts
map23 – Free Boosts
hardtrail – Free Boosts
map22 – Free Boosts
visits250m – Free Boosts
newbuff – Get Boss Key and Boosts
map21 – Get a Qi Boost and several other Boosts
l325k – Get a Luck Boost
popsicle – Get Damage Boost
map20 – Free Boosts
timetrial – Free Boosts
map19 – Free Boosts
skin – Free Boosts
lk300k – Free Boosts
map18 – Free Boosts
batoidea – Free Boosts
map17 – Free Boosts
likes275k – Free Boosts
fighting – Free Boosts
RAMPHobbies – Free Boosts
Worrybear – Free Boosts
Sub2RoboSlothGaming – Free Boosts
Carbon – Free Boosts
sisterguard – Free Boosts
Skull – Free Boosts
funrix – Free Boosts
Kingkade – Free Boosts
CodeNex – Free Boosts
JazonGaming – Free Boosts
WFS – Free Boosts
hardmode – Free Boosts
defense – Get 2x Spirit and 2x Spell Drop Boost
welcome – Get 1x Spirit Stone Boost
weaponfighting – Get 1x Damage Boost
happyday – Get 1x Qi Boost
goodluck – Get 1x Lucky Boost

How to redeem Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes

Weapon Fighting Simulator code entry in Roblox

Redeeming codes is easy, you simply have to launch the game and select the ‘Settings’ gear button on the left side of the screen. This will bring up a new window where you will be able to input your code into the text box. Now press ‘Confirm’ to claim your reward immediately in-game.

Why aren’t the Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes working?

There is always the possibility that the code has already expired. Redeem codes are usually only are valid for a set period of time before they no longer work. Game developers that use redeem codes in their game often publish new codes to reward their players and to help to keep a level of interest in their game. So it’s not unusual for game codes to expire and no longer work, and also for new codes to be released for games.

How to get more Weapon Fighting Simulator Codes?

Take a look at the channels of the Weapon Fighting Simulator developers to stay in touch with game developments, the community around the game and to find out about new codes. You can find them on Twitter and Discord.

We publish new codes that are released for Weapon Fighting Simulator on this page. If you miss any you should be able to find them here.

You can find more codes for different games by heading over to our Roblox Game codes index page.

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